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If you are considering your bankruptcy alternatives, you should watch out for these warnings signs of financial trouble

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What are the Warning Signs of Financial Problems?


If you are exploring your bankruptcy alternatives, you are probably experiencing financial trouble. Here are some signs early warning signs of financial problems.

  • Creditors calling. If you are getting calls from collection agents at home and at work, day and night, you have financial problems.
  • Using a cash advance from one credit card to pay the balance owing on another credit card. Borrowing from a credit card is never a good idea, but if you can only make your payments on one card by borrowing from another, you have serious financial problems.
  • Only making the minimum payment on your credit cards each month. Credit cards charge very high rates of interest. If you are only paying the minimums each month, you are paying far more in interest than you should, and that leads to financial problems.
  • Worrying about financial problems. If you have trouble sleeping because you are worried about money, you have serious financial problems.
  • Financial problems are effecting your relationships. Fighting about money is a leading cause of marriage problems. Don't risk your marriage because of financial problems.
  • Borrowing from finance companies and payday loan places. Finance companies charge very high rates of interest, and pay day loan places charge even more. If you are borrowing from these places, you have financial problems.

What can I do?

If any of the above symptoms describe you, get help now, before your debt problems become overwhelming. is a free resource
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